The Hula Hoop Method

Live Workshop :: November 14th, 2018 :: 7-9pm CT

Video playback is available until December 15th.

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Healthy boundaries are always crucial, but during the holidays they are of critical value. This time of year is very special, but often brings stress that can lead to emotional depletion. For example: extended periods of togetherness with loved ones, traveling frustrations, and overwhelming expectations, just to name a few! This is when a solid boundary practice is needed the most!

My theory is that all healthy behavior (including self-love, respect, and effective communication) starts with good boundaries.

Boundaries are the scaffolding that hold everything together as we move through life in constant and varying states of growth. Without boundaries things fall apart.

If you have any questions, please email me.

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During this two-hour workshop you will learn:

- How to identify and define your personal boundaries using The Hula Hoop Method

- Tools to help effectively communicate with others in order to support and respect your personal boundaries

- Internal resource techniques to help regulate anxiety and avoid nervous system overload when implementing boundaries with others

What is included?

- A two hour live course via Zoom containing valuable insight on boundaries and practical boundary implementation strategies using the Hula Hoop Method

- Access to the video playback for 30 days. Can’t make it to the live workshop? No problem! You can rewatch the video at your convenience.

- A customizable communications script download designed to help you practice the art of articulating your boundaries with clarity, as well as additional resource references that will be mentioned during the workshop

Questions? Please email me and I’ll respond within 24 hours.